DT2 Long standby Wireless charging smart

DT2 Smart Watch DT2 Smart Watch


DT2 Series

Classic rebuild

Borderless lightweight design

Wireless charging

Rotary button

Bluetooth call

Rotary crown

Reshape the classic digital crown, turn tedious operations into simplicity, and allow interaction, It becomes simple and natural.

Smart Watch

HD round screen

1.24-inch retina HD touch screen, large
curvature 3D glass mirror,Created under the
[Borderless Arc] design concept is the
crystallization of our superior technology.

Smart Watch

Rotating crown,
smart interaction

Remodeling the classic digital crown, turning
tedious operations into simplicity, and making
interaction simple and natural. Every rotation
can fit the deeply customized linear motor,
allowing you to achieve a leap-forward user

Smart Watch

Powerful RTK8762D chip

Professional advanced RTK8762D wearable chip, Bluetooth 5.0
efficient collaboration in sports, smart algorithms, sports monitoring,
etc. With Gsensor multi-sensor work, efficient calculations are
realized. Brings you a special new experience. Say NO to the
low-cost, low-quality smart watches.

* All data are obtained from our laboratory, which may vary due to different environment.

Smart Watch
Smart Watch Smart Watch Smart Watch Smart Watch

Bluetooth call

Use high-fidelity water-resistant speakers, Bluetooth
hands-free calls, display high-definition original sound.
Whether it is sports or driving, the phone will be
pushed to the watch in time when the phone calls,
one-click answering, liberating hands and making
communication more free.

Smart Watch

Wireless charging

Support wireless charging, energy is triggered at any
moment, and the way is more free.Say goodbye to the
shackles of wired charging and enjoy the convenience
of wireless charging.

7 Day

Typical usage mode

30 Day

Stand-by time

10 Hour

Sports mode
Smart Watch

Small and stylish

Smart appearance, new height,
street fashion design, perfect shape

Smart Watch

Double-click to
brighten the screen

Advanced non-sleeping touch lC
The interface lights up after double-clicking you
can see the time when the screen
is lockedeverything we made is full
of ingenuity and ingenuity

          Smart Watch

IP68 is waterproof
and dustproof

IP68 level of waterproof and dustproof.
The watch can also be used normally when washing your
hands or in rainy days. It will accompany you to go
further without fear of wind and rain.

Smart Watch

My QR code

After the App is bound with Alipay and WeChat,
there is no need to use a mobile phone,
You can add friends and collect money
with the QR code of the watch.

Smart Watch

Bluetooth music

Connect the mobile phone to realize the free remote
control of mobile phone music, next and pre, pause
playback, built-in speaker, music sound can be
emitted through the watch.

Smart Watch
DT Smart Watch Band

Any style you want

  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
Smart Watch

Up to 100+ selected watch
faces and what's more,
customization is available

Technology, sports, machinery, cartoons...you can choose from static or dynamic, a variety of selected themes for you to choose. Want more personality? Try to customize the exclusive watch face, upload your favorite pictures, the trend is defined by you.

  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Watch
Smart Watch

New integrated design

Business or sports, switch at any time

Smart Watch

Business style changes
to sports style in seconds

Each watch comes with a tailored strap.

Smart Watch

Multi-sports mode

Sports grade IP68 waterproof. Whether you are sweating in the gym, or exercising outdoors, if you want, set off NOW!

Smart Watch
Smart Watch Smart Watch Smart Watch

Menstrual monitoring

Set the menstrual period time on the APP,
get the menstrual period length/cycle/length
and other calendars to get the menstrual
period reminder on the watch interface;
premenstrual reminder, menstrual precautions,
including postmenstrual precautions reminder
to more effectively manage women’s physical health.

Smart Watch

Heart rate monitoring

Support mobile phone synchronization heart rate
data detection, to find out the trend of heart rate
beat when you are unwell in time, and to care
about your heart health.

Smart Watch

Sleep monitoring

In-depth analysis of sleep conditions at different sleep
stages at night helps you maintain good sleep habits
and get better sleep

Smart Watch

Three colors + five menu modes
+ massive watch faces

The flexible Viton and Milan steel strap achieves a delicate balance between smoothness and conformability. With five creative dynamic menus, you can also choose more favorite styles in the watch face store,to meet your needs in different occasions

Smart Watch


The smart watch is connected to the newly upgraded WearPro App.WearPro is an all-weather health management platform, Can record various sports and body state data

Smart Watch


Chip RTK8762DK
Screen size 1.24 IPS 390*390
Wristband material Silicone strap/Milan Steel strap
Waterproof level IP68
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Charging method Wireless charging
Battery capacity 200 mA
Language Simplified Chinese, English, German, Russian, Portuguese,Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, French, Italian, Polish, Persian, Greek, Denmark, Traditional Chinese, Latin, Romania, Turkey,Hebrew, Czech Republic

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*All the above data are from our company's laboratory data, there may be differences due to the environment*
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